Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use SuperStroke Grips

The Australian Open or the PGA Tour should expect different shapes and sizes to open the popular golf event, the Australian Open or the PGA Tour. You can have small heads or oversized drivers, from old school blades to huge mallet putters. There are diverse types of golf equipment to run the competition through the highest level of influence and expected performance. Ideally, some of the newest types of golf clubs have fascinating grips, especially the putter.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use SuperStroke Grips

In the 2011 PGA Championship, Jason Dufner nearly won the competition with an oversized SuperStroke putter grip. Since then, SuperStroke gradually began to make waves in the golf market with tremendous benefits. These grips can boost your game, but how? How can you make the best out of your SuperStroke grips? Below are 5 of the most important reasons you should switch to these fantastic grips.

SuperStroke Grips have been Tested on the PGA Tour

The number one proof of authenticity of the SuperStroke grip is that it has been tested ideally on the PGA tour. Some of the current best players in the PGA Tour used the oversized grips of the SuperStroke brand. For example, Sergio Garcia, Jordan Spieth, Dufner staff, and Victor Dubuisson are top players with the large SuperStroke grips. This model of tool can influence your game so positively with all its full benefits. 

Consistent Han Placement

When you have the SuperStroke Flatso flat-front grips at your disposal, you can quickly learn the right place to place your hands for the best stroke. The standard model grips with a flat front already indicate the best position for your hands and carry the right shape for the grip, unlike the standard circular ones. In addition, these flat-front grips promote consistent hand placement as well as the correct position for your thumbs. Therefore, the first step in producing high-quality strokes is aligning your hands correctly on the grip.

No Taper

The shape and position of putter grips of the SuperStroke brand are parallel from top to bottom. The oversized SuperStroke putter grips cleanly maintain a standard width through its length, contrary to traditional putter grips, just taper from top to the end. This feature of the grip allows equal pressure of the hands-on golf club without exerting excess pressure on any part of the hand while taking your shot. More so, you can thereby produce a more consistent stroke and better performance.

Extra Customization

Another fascinating feature of the SuperStroke grip is the relevance in producing the best shot with a firm grip on your club. Presently, the golf economy allows for the flexibility of personalizing different pieces of your golf game. The design of these grips offers a wide range of sizes and maximizes the golf performance on the course. Each of the holds in this model serves different functions. However, oversized grips can help your pendulum stroke and reduce the possibility of breaking your wrist during the stroke. Click here to learn more about Golf Clubs.

Worth the weight

The head part of the putter can really be lighter, primarily by increasing the size of the grip. In other words, when the weight of the grip is more lightweight, it implies that the clubhead will be heavier and that contributes to the swing weight while attempting a shot. On the other hand, a more severe grip automatically makes the chair much lighter. That is the main reason for creating oversized putter grips like the SuperStroke that enhances your chances for extra size without necessarily increasing the weight of the putter grip. 

Happy Thoughts

PGA Professional Jason Guss observed that a more prominent grip often gives the player more relaxed hands in the field of play. In addition, a larger grip also helps to get your mind in the correct position of the putter. Otherwise, a small grip implies that you have to exert a lot of o pressure on the putter, causing tension on your wrist. However, a more relaxed hand takes away every form of wrist stress. You don’t want to remember the thickness of the grip as long as it doesn’t stress your hands.

Learn this about a Putter Balance

There are two types of putter balance, which helps you better understand the right kind of putter. Ideally, the clubs may fall into the two predefined categories, which follow a general description for optimum use. While we can briefly describe the two common types of putter, we will also explain the expected balance. Some putters may fall into the categorization in between the two. Each has a significant consistency on the green. There are two balanced putters;

  • The Face Balanced Putters

As you balance the shaft on the fingers, you have a face-balanced putter that faces upwards. Also, it broods a kind of center of gravity that enhances the best axis of the shaft. However, if you straighten the stroke of your club, this face-balanced putter helps you to open less on your backswing, and you can easily follow through on your play. 

  • Toe Balanced Putters
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use SuperStroke Grips

As you place a stroke on the arc, you have a toe-balanced putter that can work the best performance of the golf club. In other words, a toe-balanced putter usually increases balance on the finger and points to the ground. However, the center of gravity of the toe-balanced putter is located below the shaft axis. However, when you place the putt in the arc, it can work best for the putter to open or close your swing throughout the process of taking your stroke.


You can ultimately outperform your expectation if you can lay hold on the SuperStroke Grips. This article also enhances your chances of getting the game’s best performance, according to the significant golf associations. At the same time, each golfer must understand the features of these oversized grips are compensated for by the cost. But why not try out some online retailing stores to drive the golfer in the winning ways. At least, for well over a decade, this accessory has proved that users can get better at their performance scores if they choose this proven product.

Posted by Thomas Flynn