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A simple guide about play to earn games

A simple guide about play to earn games

For both die-hard and casual gamers, earning money from video games has long been a pipe dream. Because of the fast growth of technology, this is now entirely possible. You may earn games by writing about video games, broadcasting your own gaming, or creating your own. If you want to, you may even become a professional video game athlete and compete in a number of tournaments. All of them, however, demand a significant amount of work. What if you could earn money just by having fun? Begin your journey into the world of cryptocurrency gaming.

You’ve probably heard of a large community of people who make a living online by playing NFT video play to earn games to earn money.

Other members of the community joined in the fun when one resident earned PHP 1,000 for 15 days of playing the popular game Axie Infinity. Given that the quarantine is unlikely to be lifted anytime soon, it’s worth looking at other ways to make money at home. Learn more about how NFT game shaking the crypto world.

To help you get started with NFT crypto gaming, we’ve created an instructive guide that includes all you need to know.

Non-fungible token is abbreviated as NFT. To comprehend the definition of non-fungible, one must first comprehend the concept of fungibility. The ability of an asset to be exchanged for similar assets of equal value is referred to as this word.

A fungible asset is currency, for example. You may swap your four five-peso coins for one twenty-peso banknote at your neighborhood sari-sari store. They may have different looks, but they each have the same PHP 20 value.

As a result, when an asset is non-fungible, it is unique and cannot be replaced by another of equivalent value. You can’t merely print a duplicate of Juan Luna’s Spoliarium image, for example. This is why the photograph is valuable: it is one-of-a-kind. Non-fungible tokens, on the other hand, are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that may be possessed, bought, or traded for any amount of money. The more distinctive your NFT is, the more money you may be able to make.

A simple guide about play to earn games

How Does the NFT Play-to-Earn System Work?

NFTs are a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency. They are stored as a string of numbers and letters in a blockchain ledger and include a variety of bits of information, including who owns the NFT, who sold it, and when it was sold, among other things.

Each piece of data stored in NFTs is also encrypted, ensuring its legality and scarcity. NFTs are digital files that have been certified with the use of digital certificates. This is why, especially in the art world, NFTs have become a valuable business.

What Are Some Examples of NFT?

• Nyan Cat – On its tenth anniversary, the adorable GIF cat that became famous in 2011 was sold as an NFT for a whopping USD 580,000.

• Charlie Bit My Finger – Remember the viral video of two brothers who were the prettiest babies you’d ever seen? It was sold for GBP 538,000 after being converted to an NFT.

• WarNymph – Elon Musk’s fiancée, Grimes, startled the art world by selling her NFT artwork for USD 5.18 million in a matter of minutes.

• NBA Top Shot – The NBA has jumped on board as well, with NBA highlights available on NFC cards. At the time, the most expensive item is a USD 250,000 Ja Morant dunk card.

What is cryptocurrency gaming, exactly?

How do NFTs fit into the game industry if they’re popular in the art world? NFT allows game creators to integrate real-world stakes in their play to earn games in order to earn money. Players may use cryptocurrency to buy, sell, and trade with other players by converting characters and items in the game to NFTs. Cryptocurrency play to earn games arose as a consequence.

Bitcoin play to earn games, also known as play-to-earn games, are a kind of video play to earn game in which players may use cryptocurrency to buy digital goods and unlock bonuses to improve their gaming experience.

What makes crypto play to earn games unique is that, as NFTs, you own all of the things you have in the game. The creators of the game you’re now playing have no influence in what you can do with it, and taking it away from you is very tough. If an active economy supports crypto play to earn games, they are more likely to be active for years. This means you’ll have lots of chances to buy, sell, and earn money just by playing a game.

A simple guide about play to earn games

What Are Some Ways to Make Money Playing Cryptocurrency Play to earn games?

Each game is different, but in general, you’ll be spending real money in the form of cryptocurrencies to buy characters or other items and play the game.

You obtain special goodies that are either common to the game or unique to it every time you win. You may also sell some of your more precious and unique things to other players since all commodities in crypto play to earn games are non-fungible tokens. After that, you may convert your items to bitcoin and use your preferred cryptocurrency platform to pay them out in the real world.

Cryptocurrency is a kind of money that may be used to purchase play to earn games. The Philippines have it.

Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS are all supported by Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is what it would be like if playing Pokemon could earn you money. It’s no surprise that the play-to-earn gaming craze swept the Philippines in late 2020.

To begin, you’ll need to buy three attractive Axie monsters and fight other Axie teams to gain Smooth Love Potions (SLP), which may then be converted to cash. You may also sell and trade Axies and other in-game items to enhance your income or upgrade your Axies team, resulting in higher SLPs.

Unfortunately, due to the game’s popularity, the cost of a single Axie has climbed to PHP 15,000 per unit. If you don’t have those resources, you may apply for an Axie Infinity Scholarship. An current player will give you three Axies in return for six to eight hours of daily playing time. You’ll need to work out a 50-50, 70-30, or 80-20 income split with your sponsor.

CryptoBlades is a Windows and Android app.

CryptoBlades is another another game that you may try out right in your browser. It’s a roll-based combat game in which the goal is to get SKILL points by acquiring and trading weapons and items throughout each fight. The more SKILL points you get, the more money you can take out. CryptoBlades’ laid-back approach may be excellent for you if you’re the most casual of players.

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