Best Builds for the Axie Infinity Arena

Best Builds for the Axie Infinity Arena

Building your Axies is indispensable to doing well in the Axie Infinity game and earning a good income. Therefore, each player needs to be familiar with the appropriate guide to enhance their chances of building the best stature. At the same time, when you master these skills, you can perform better in the Arena. You can also manage your game cards well and optimize your energy count and other features.

Below are some standard builds that can work perfectly for your game campaign.

  • Backdoor Bird Build
  • Bone Sail & Bumpy Build
  • Discard Bug Build
  • Furball Twin Mech Build
  • Healing Plant Build
  • RIMP Beast Build
  • Terminator Build

This article shall discuss each of these builds one after the other to make your choice and get tremendous results.

Backdoor Bird Build

The Backdoor Bird Build involves using high amounts of damage and efficient combos strategy. In other words, it allows for one player to inflict a considerable level of wear on the opponent. In addition, a Pure DD depends on the high burst damage and a get-go plan to destroy the enemy’s armor for a greater chance of winning games. At the same time, this build favors the speed of the Axie as the top priority. These games are best played on these androids phones

RIMP Beast Build

This particular build has two primary combo setups: the Ronin and Imp. Moreover, the RIMP beast build can trigger a combination of the energy powerhouse. In addition, this Ronin feature gives the player the guaranteed level of critical striking of the enemy. It also helps the player with high burst damage that can potentially kill the enemy axie within one round. Moreover, it supplies enough energy for your own axie to recuperate from the battle. Using this kind of build enhances Axie’s morale, which is the top priority in such cases. You can learn more about Axie Infinity game by clicking here

Terminator Build

When we refer to the Terminator build, it covers one of the most result-driven builds in the Axie infinity game. This build prioritizes the Allergic reactions of the character and debuffs a target while causing up to 130% damage to it. Meanwhile, the ability “Chomp” can also be helpful when paired with another card to create a combo. This combo can be applicable in getting past the enemy’s armor and activating the unique Allergic reaction. Although this card was actually set nerfed in the game, it still remains one of the most vital points of building a formidable Axie to beat in the meta environment.

Healing Plant Build

As the name implies, the Healing Plant Build comprises a Backline Plant that contains up to 2 damage dealer axies. It also has a unique feature, and it is that the plant stands off as a backline of the team of Axies. At the same time, the healing plant build gives preference to the healing abilities of your axis. Moreover, you get an impressive result when combining the pumpkin with the rosebud combo. Also, the team may depend on the surviving rounds of the character while utilizing the Blood moon damage on the enemy axis to kill them off completely.

Bone Sail & Bumpy Build

The Bone Sail & Bumpy Build refers to the build that focuses on the drawing cards that force the enemy axis to waste their combo cards. How? It uses a massive shield that can absorb all the attacks of the enemy axie until the latter runs out of capacity to use the combo cards. Despite the recent nerf of the Ivory Chop, the Bone Sail & Bumpy Build remains one of the most potent meta builds in the current season because of the associated powerful reptiles.

Furball Twin-Tail Mech Build

The Furball Twin-Tail Mech Build focuses on an enemy that uses multiple cards that can strike more than once for a couple of times. This way, you can overpower the supposedly overwhelming enemy. Moreover, it can also be highly effective when you have to become a poison to your team, as you can use it to trigger your game a couple of times.

Discard Bug Build

This build also has a continuous rendering ability with the right to use a complete form in the stunning Discard Bug Build. At the same time, it also comes with a third glance, which is added to a sunder claw. Moreover, you can also increase the automatic discarding through the enemy’s card per round. When the player has the factors set in place, he can be confident that this build can achieve great results.

How to Win More Matches in the Axie Infinity Arena Mode

The following steps can help you achieve immense results;

Check the Meta Trends

Meta trends in this particular game are a great way to begin your journey to getting powerful results. So, like every other NFT game you may know, Axie also has its own meta-tool that can help the player. By the way, a meta implies that the most effective tactics that a player employs are only available to excel in that game. Therefore, the current meta in this Axie game in the present trend may have one plant and two damage dealers competing against another.

The best way to start the winning journey with a meta is to eventually try some of the other builds. Also, a player can become better when playing this meta in the game. Meanwhile, we don’t even have to follow the ideal meta to get the best results from the Axie. So, we can also build the right team that will be personalized for what you want to achieve. In the end, it can also come down to the individual’s playing style.

Know your Axie Team

Furthermore, the player can get more results from the Arena when he understands his own team above every other step. For instance, you can

  • Learn the best positions to place your axis for best results
  • Have a good understanding of your axle’s cards and what they can do in terms of the weaknesses and strengths
  • Learn the team’s buff and debuff abilities as necessary, where you can also take advantage of the combos.

In summary of the following steps to take, you need to

  • Understand the Team Positioning
  • Axie Strength and Weakness Types
  • Check your Opponent’s Team
  • Buffs and Debuffs of Axie
  • Use the Card Combos to your Advantage
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Best Android phone to play Axie Infinity

Best Android phone to play Axie Infinity

Playing games on the phone is suitable. Most significantly, video games have a way of contributing to people’s wellbeing, and they could be an answer to some psychological needs. Research proves that playing games on the phone is one way to bring people out of their moody situations. Not only that, but playing games also have a way to sharpen one’s brain. Games like Infinity Axie require more attention and a high level of intellectual ability if one wants to play it successfully. Have you heard about Axie Infinity? Do you even know that you can play this game on Android? Of course, you can. But there’s a little challenge on that.

Although playing games can be time-consuming, there’s a way one can balance things without affecting each other. Also, games like Axie Infinity come with a great reward. With that, people often see Axie as something more than a game.

In one of our articles, we clearly stated that Axie Infinity on Android phones has been in vogue since 2019. The developer of this unique game added the opportunity for people to play this game on Android phones. Since 2019, Android phone users carry a more significant percentage of those playing Axie Infinity. The reason remains that the Android phone is the one ruling the world presently. Check out some Android phones and tablets at

However, do you know that not all Android can play Axie Infinity? Of course, you might be wondering why your Android is not supporting the Axie Infinity App. The reason might be the kind of Android phone that you are using. We don’t want you to lose interest in playing Axie Infinity. So, we took it up as our responsibility to explain the kind of Android that supports playing Axie infinity.

Therefore, we want you to stay focused and concentrate. Below here are Android phones that supported Axie Infinity;

  1. Tecno: Tecno is one Android product that supports playing Axie Infinity. This is a piece of good news for Tecno users. Some Tecno users did not know what they were missing. Of course, you can add some tips to your income by downloading Axie Infinity on your Tecno phone.
Tecno Camon X Pro: A beauty phone with unrivaled power, precision, and  performance | MediaTek (en)

In some parts of the world, Tecno phones have taken the whole market to the extent that people are looking for a way to use this phone. What are you waiting for? If you already have an Android of Tecno product, why not rise and download this unique game and add some tips to your income alongside having fun, you can check some Tecno phones by clicking here. Also, one fantastic thing about Tecno products is that this smartphone can do more than one task at a time. Therefore, if you want to play Axie Infinity on your phone, it would be best to get a Tecno phone. You will love it. We are not just giving you theory. We are providing you with what we have tested, and we’ve seen a lot of people testifying how good Axie Infinity is on the Tecno product. Here is the list of some latest Tecno phones that you can use to play this game;

  • Tecno Poviour
  • Tecno Camon
  • Tecno WXP
  • Tecno Camon Pro
  1. Infinix: Infinix products are one of the leading products that support Axie infinity. This excellent Android phone has been in vogue for a decade now. It has a smartness that is beyond expression. Infinix products are exceptional. Several people choose to use this product because of its vastness and versatility. If you already hold Infinix products, what exactly keeps you waiting? Visit the Google PlayStore on your phone, download Axie Infinity, follow the usual registration process, and start accumulating wealth.
Infinix Note 10 series smartphones launched; features 6.95-inch FHD+ 90Hz  display and MediaTek chipset - Gizmochina

On the other hand, if you are looking for a phone that will support the usage of Axie Infinity, why not consider Infinix. This game is the right phone that you need. This phone is unique and lovely. Here are some of the Infinix products you can get;

  • Infinix Pro
  • Infinix Hot 12
  • Infinix Max Pro
  1. Samsung: Samsung Android products also support the usage of Axie Infinity. If you are holding Samsung, you also have the chance of having fun alongside generating some income. This excellent Android phone is one of the best phones in the world that people cannot stop using for now.
Samsung Galaxy A9 – The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

Its uniqueness is beyond explanations. It has a unique way of making video games real, and it has a high random access memory that supports Axie Infinity. Also, people who want to start playing Axie Infinity on the phone don’t know what to do. Why not try using a Samsung phone? We know people personally, and they are making it big in the game world with their Samsung Android phones.

  1. Nokia: Nokia product is producing some Android phones with features above what other Android phones can do. For instance, Nokia C2 is one of the sharpest phones that supported video games we have ever seen. Axie Infinity is also one of the video games that can be played without breaking with Nokia products.
Nokia 8.3 5G review: Nokia's new flagship?

We want to tell you that you are missing a lot for those who already hold a Nokia Android phone. By now, you should have gathered something big from playing video games. Axie Infinity on Nokia Android remains intact with the same graphics that one can see on Windows and PCs.

  1. Xiaomi: Have you heard about this Android phone? It’s a new Android phone with sharp graphics that are smooth and beautiful. You can search for more information on this product. One can play Axie Infinity on this phone.
Xiaomi Mi 11 review: cheaper, top-spec phone undercuts competition | Xiaomi  | The Guardian


This article aims at helping every individual to have some fun and earn some prizes. There has been a controversy that some video games can only be played on Windows alone. But we are coming from another angle to bring clarification on that fact. You can play some video games and earn tips that can be converted to money. However, we noticed that not all Android phones could carry out this task. Therefore, we took it up as our responsibility to help you list some Android products that supported the usage of Axie Infinity. The aim of doing this is to help you make use of your smartphone wisely.



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Top 5 Mistakes in Golf Club Fitting

Have you ever wondered why some golfers come back from a club fitting shop and still underperform? Yes. It happens. And it doesn’t mean that the golfer does not have the proper knowledge of how to handle golf clubs. Instead, it could result from some golf club fitting mistakes that the player carries around the course.

Top 5 Mistakes in Golf Club Fitting

As you might have understood, one of the aims of getting fit is to ensure your golf club perfectly fits the swing you are striving to achieve. If you and your fitter could not combine effort to accomplish that, it might be tough to make changes to your swing. And, if you will ever make the change, it would be drastically slow.

Hence, getting fitted for golf clubs requires taking proper account and a high level of carefulness. You need to take care of every loop where you can mistakes if you want to get the correct result. 

Now, what are the most common mistakes you may see in your bag? Read on to unveil the top 5 of them.

1. Driver

The top custom club fitting mistake that is very common for the driver has a lesser loft for the driver to fit your swing. When your driver has the right amount of loft, it will help you drive the ball with your golf club higher and faster. There is no better way to get a maximum roll for your swing speed than having the correct loft for your driver.

Let me make it a bit clearer.

Your driver should have at least 10.5* loft to hit a six-iron 140 – 150 yards. And, if you are aiming to hit a six-iron 120 – 140 yards, your driver should 12* loft.

Another custom golf club fitting mistake common with drivers is having a shaft that is too heavy for you. If you are honest with yourself, you want your driver to give you more distance and forgiveness. I mean, every other golfer wouldn’t wish less. However, you can only get more space from your golf club if your driver has the appropriate loft and a lighter shaft.  

What’s a lightweight shaft? Well, generally, pro golfers consider about 40 – 50 grams of the shaft as lightweight, while they consider 50 – 55 grams of the shaft as mid-weight. Unfortunately, many golfers have up to 60 grams of the shaft in their drivers instead of lighter-weight shafts. Make sure you don’t make that mistake to get the best out of your custom club fitting.

2. Hybrids 

Many golfers make the mistake of not getting their hybrids fit for their lie angle. Judging by most of the complaints I have heard over time, it is widespread. Before we go any further, you need to note that you must adjust your lie angle fit for your size and swing. 

The dilemma always lies in that most golfers have too upright hybrids, making them heel dig their hybrids and hit or pull poor shots with them. That’s why some golfers find it easy to hit their hybrids perfectly out of the rough but find it difficult to hit them off fairways.

If you want to do wonders with your golf clubs, you must ensure that your hybrid perfectly fits your lie angle. If you miss that part, your hybrid might be working against you. 

Note that not all golf club manufacturers fit lie angles for golfers. Hence you might need to visit an expert fitter to make things right.

3. Fairway Woods

The most common mistake golfers make with fairway woods is less loft with their long fairway wood. Meanwhile, loft helps golfers to get the ball off the ground quickly a hit maximum distance. 

To avoid making the same mistake, you should not carry a three-wood in your bag unless you use it primarily off the tee.

If you want to hit the three wood appropriately with a maximum roll and fly, there’s a need for you to hit your six iron about 175 yards on the fly.

Although, most golfers will dare to hit a five-wood further than 3-wood off the ground. Yet, they will need the 5-wood loft to achieve maximum roll and fly. 

And it is not only a problem for beginners. Even some of the pro golfers you hail on the course will hit an 18* fairway wood off the ground and get the poor result. In the same way, average golfers can hit a 15* fairway wood off the ground and gain an unimpressive performance.

4. Irons

Golfers make several mistakes when it comes to irons (lie angle, length, flex, and more), but I will like to focus on one. 

Now, for the irons, the most common mistake golfers make with irons is that they don’t have the correct shaft in their irons. 

When you have the correct shafting in your irons and all golf clubs, it helps your ball to fly faster and higher on the course. As you should have learned, having the appropriate height will allow you to reach the maximum distance without stress. 

Besides, correct shafting will protect you. If you are around 4o years of age or more, you need a shaft to protect your body. The secret is the graphite shaft. When you have a graphite shaft in your iron, your body is safe. 

5. Wedges 

The most common mistake golfers make with wedges is that they are not fit for wedges. How could this happen? It’s simply because most golfers think they can visit a random golf club store and purchase anyone that attracts their sight off the rack. 

When it comes to the Gap, Lob, and sand wedges, they must be right for you for lie angle, length, flex, shaft, lofts, grip size, and the rest if you want to get the best out of your golf club. 

Top 5 Mistakes in Golf Club Fitting

Final Words

The common mistakes listed above have been why most golfers get poor results even after getting fitted for their golf clubs. And you don’t have to be a beginner before you fall into these mistakes. The best way out is to ensure that you watch all the golf clubs in your bag to avoid the low performance of the course. 

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use SuperStroke Grips

The Australian Open or the PGA Tour should expect different shapes and sizes to open the popular golf event, the Australian Open or the PGA Tour. You can have small heads or oversized drivers, from old school blades to huge mallet putters. There are diverse types of golf equipment to run the competition through the highest level of influence and expected performance. Ideally, some of the newest types of golf clubs have fascinating grips, especially the putter.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use SuperStroke Grips

In the 2011 PGA Championship, Jason Dufner nearly won the competition with an oversized SuperStroke putter grip. Since then, SuperStroke gradually began to make waves in the golf market with tremendous benefits. These grips can boost your game, but how? How can you make the best out of your SuperStroke grips? Below are 5 of the most important reasons you should switch to these fantastic grips.

SuperStroke Grips have been Tested on the PGA Tour

The number one proof of authenticity of the SuperStroke grip is that it has been tested ideally on the PGA tour. Some of the current best players in the PGA Tour used the oversized grips of the SuperStroke brand. For example, Sergio Garcia, Jordan Spieth, Dufner staff, and Victor Dubuisson are top players with the large SuperStroke grips. This model of tool can influence your game so positively with all its full benefits. 

Consistent Han Placement

When you have the SuperStroke Flatso flat-front grips at your disposal, you can quickly learn the right place to place your hands for the best stroke. The standard model grips with a flat front already indicate the best position for your hands and carry the right shape for the grip, unlike the standard circular ones. In addition, these flat-front grips promote consistent hand placement as well as the correct position for your thumbs. Therefore, the first step in producing high-quality strokes is aligning your hands correctly on the grip.

No Taper

The shape and position of putter grips of the SuperStroke brand are parallel from top to bottom. The oversized SuperStroke putter grips cleanly maintain a standard width through its length, contrary to traditional putter grips, just taper from top to the end. This feature of the grip allows equal pressure of the hands-on golf club without exerting excess pressure on any part of the hand while taking your shot. More so, you can thereby produce a more consistent stroke and better performance.

Extra Customization

Another fascinating feature of the SuperStroke grip is the relevance in producing the best shot with a firm grip on your club. Presently, the golf economy allows for the flexibility of personalizing different pieces of your golf game. The design of these grips offers a wide range of sizes and maximizes the golf performance on the course. Each of the holds in this model serves different functions. However, oversized grips can help your pendulum stroke and reduce the possibility of breaking your wrist during the stroke. Click here to learn more about Golf Clubs.

Worth the weight

The head part of the putter can really be lighter, primarily by increasing the size of the grip. In other words, when the weight of the grip is more lightweight, it implies that the clubhead will be heavier and that contributes to the swing weight while attempting a shot. On the other hand, a more severe grip automatically makes the chair much lighter. That is the main reason for creating oversized putter grips like the SuperStroke that enhances your chances for extra size without necessarily increasing the weight of the putter grip. 

Happy Thoughts

PGA Professional Jason Guss observed that a more prominent grip often gives the player more relaxed hands in the field of play. In addition, a larger grip also helps to get your mind in the correct position of the putter. Otherwise, a small grip implies that you have to exert a lot of o pressure on the putter, causing tension on your wrist. However, a more relaxed hand takes away every form of wrist stress. You don’t want to remember the thickness of the grip as long as it doesn’t stress your hands.

Learn this about a Putter Balance

There are two types of putter balance, which helps you better understand the right kind of putter. Ideally, the clubs may fall into the two predefined categories, which follow a general description for optimum use. While we can briefly describe the two common types of putter, we will also explain the expected balance. Some putters may fall into the categorization in between the two. Each has a significant consistency on the green. There are two balanced putters;

  • The Face Balanced Putters

As you balance the shaft on the fingers, you have a face-balanced putter that faces upwards. Also, it broods a kind of center of gravity that enhances the best axis of the shaft. However, if you straighten the stroke of your club, this face-balanced putter helps you to open less on your backswing, and you can easily follow through on your play. 

  • Toe Balanced Putters
Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use SuperStroke Grips

As you place a stroke on the arc, you have a toe-balanced putter that can work the best performance of the golf club. In other words, a toe-balanced putter usually increases balance on the finger and points to the ground. However, the center of gravity of the toe-balanced putter is located below the shaft axis. However, when you place the putt in the arc, it can work best for the putter to open or close your swing throughout the process of taking your stroke.


You can ultimately outperform your expectation if you can lay hold on the SuperStroke Grips. This article also enhances your chances of getting the game’s best performance, according to the significant golf associations. At the same time, each golfer must understand the features of these oversized grips are compensated for by the cost. But why not try out some online retailing stores to drive the golfer in the winning ways. At least, for well over a decade, this accessory has proved that users can get better at their performance scores if they choose this proven product.

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